Some Things I've done

flowconcept solutions as a Drupal Developer and Mentor
Software architecture, web development, mentoring
Drupal 7/8, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML / CSS, Solr, Jenkins, Selenium, SimpleTest, Vagrant, Chef, virtualization, Apache, MySQL, Debian, Git, Scrum, Redmine

1. Marketing Management System: development of a replicable SaaS solution. The goal was to provide a platform to ensure consistent customer communication for branched "companies" such as banks, ministries, or local authorities, through individual applications, such as an online designer for printed materials, a stock image database, communication guidelines, marketing planning, or finance controlling.

I was tasked with requirements analysis and the design of the software architecture, encompassing the entire software lifecycle. Due to my background as a longtime Drupal developer, I was involved in mentoring of internal and external developers.

Back-end responsibilities included the design and development of multi-client capability of the system, implementation of business applications, ensuring the operability of authorization systems, the integration of external systems via single sign-on and development of interfaces for exporting data.

Front-end development included templating, the implementation of dynamic functionality, ensuring cross-browser compatibility and the selection and integration of front-end tools and frameworks.

Deployment was carried out in a continuous delivery workflow. A static virtualization solution that was initially used has been replaced by an automated configuration management based on Vagrant.

In addition, several refactoring cycles were performed with the aim of unifying and simplifying existing back-end and front-end code, as well as doing performance analysis and optimizations.

2. Drupal distribution: development of a pre-configured and replicable base system (distribution) for client projects, also for special requirements such as Facebook apps. Experience with Drupal 8 and Symfony components since end of 2014.

Front-end responsibilities included the development of dynamic interfaces, use of modular JavaScript, integration of workflow tools, and the implementation of responsive web design ensuring cross-browser functionality.
Contracting / freelancing as a Drupal Developer and Consultant
Software architecture, web development, mentoring, consulting
Drupal 6/7, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML / CSS, Solr, Jenkins, Selenium, SimpleTest, Vagrant, VMWare, Apache, MySQL, Git, Scrum

1. Marketing Management System: five months contract for flowconcept solutions, see above for description.

2. Implementation of a recipe database for a liquor manufacturer. The objective was to supplement social media marketing by user-generated content, brand loyalty and the acquisition of user data.

The implementation of the back- and front end was made independently on behalf of Analogue and comprised the technical design, module development and the implementation of the front end.

3. MedicalTopJobs: the goal was to relaunch a job posting portal with integration of a cross-media workflow (print-to-web) and integration of external resources.

In the planning phase my responsibilities were requirements analysis, drawing up a specification, and design the software architecture, as well as selection of appropriate technologies.

The back-end development was based on Drupal and included the development of modules for image and text extraction from printing documents and a bidirectional connection to external data suppliers. Likewise, data from an existing system was migrated. On the front-end side, templating and theming were executed.

4. Maintenance and enhancement of existing Drupal systems, also security audits and mentoring of Drupal developers for agencies.
Unleashed Mind as Drupal Developer
Software architecture, web development
Drupal 5/6, PHP, Apache, MySQL, Postgres, SOAP, Git, SVN, CVS

1. Executed requirements analysis, drawing up of technical details, cost estimates and development for client projects. Examples include the design and development of a social network in the field of home entertainment with the goal of content generation, or the development of a geo mapping solution for a GIS provider connecting to an external data interface. Also development and expansion of modules for integration of third-party software via single sign-on and with data synchronization (e.g. Mantis, vBulletin).

2. Regular contributions to Drupal, like module releases and bug fixing, including development of modules that made it into the top 10.
Freelancing as a PHP Developer
Software architecture, Web development, support
PHP, Smarty, JavaScript, AJAX, MySQL, Apache

Carried out requirements analysis, drawing up of concepts, cost estimates and development of PHP-based systems, e.g. a marketplace solution for digital content with e-commerce functionality, or an AJAX-based project and task planning application for distributed teams based on the Smarty template engine. Additionally, maintenance and module development for content management systems.
MCM Media Consult as a Web Developer
Web development, prepress
PHP, Smarty, MySQL, Apache, InDesign, QuarkXPress, VBA

Design and development of job exchange sites. Adaptation and extension of an Access-based ordering and CRM database. Additionally, provided customer support and desktop publishing.
I speak pretty good English, fluent German and a bit of French

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Universität Karlsruhe (TH)
Information Engineering and Management
University of Applied Science Karlsruhe
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Transliteration (Drupal module)

After being struck by how different file systems treat non-ASCII characters during file uploads to the web server, and after a bit of research, at Unleashed Mind we came up with a fairly simple, generic solution that converts non-ASCII characters into their ASCII representation using transliteration rules based on a Perl module.