Some Things I've done

An Awesome Company as an Awesome Worker
Here is your chance to tell the employer about your work experience. The aim is to write what you have done, where you were working and how you performed your tasks (which was obviously in an excellent way). Remember to add the date you started and finished a job on the left. Below is an example.

I was jointly responsible for the excellent design of the Hey I Am website. I gained a lot of useful skills, such as HTML and CSS knowledge and improved my proficiency in Photoshop. Most of all, I learned to keep up to pace in a busy office environment and stick to deadlines. I would say my organizational skills massively improved in this job
What languages do you speak? Even if you can only understand a language, it might be worth mentioning in this section.
For instance: I Speak Fluent English and Pretty Good French

What People say

John Smith
Provide a statement about you or a reference from someone you have worked with, who has taught you or whom have met in any kind of professional setting. Remember to write who provided the statement and his/her relationship with you.

Some things
I know how
to do...

Some Things I’ve learned:

The Best University in the World - Bachelor of Arts
Media Major, English Literature Minor
This section gives you the opportunity to describe your educational background. Remember to add the date you started and finished your education and add all relevant courses you might have done, whether academic or not. Below is an example.

Whilst doing my university degree I learned various technical skills to do with media production and visual creation of websites. In addition, I made friends for life and grew incredibly as a person.
I also learned that the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42.


Project name

This section gives you the opportunity to portray your professional and out of work achievements in more detail. Here you can describe projects where you were particularly successful, took a lot of responsibility, or just enjoyed. Don’t forget to provide details of why.

Some things I care about

What are your Passions?

Animal Rights
Children's Education
The Environment