Some Things I've done

Techscon Technologies as The Peanut Butter (Functional Analyst)
Techscon Technologies is an IT company providing business technology, consulting, and outsourcing to help SMEs in meeting their goals. My role here as a functional analyst placed me as a manager of the financial module customization team, whereby during the localization stage I was responsible for shifting the basic financial requirements from its Turkish origins to Pakistani business framework

> Responsible for customizing modules of ERP solution (Workcube) and training staff, whereby the customization included focus on COA, CFS, GLs, as well as confirmation with IAS standards and B2B transaction flexibilities
> Working on business-relevant optimizations in the implementation stages at a construction company
> Presence of bottlenecks within the manual procurement process limited business potential
> Implemented Workcube system at a construction company and reduced financial backlogs by 85% within 6 days
> Bridged the gap pertaining to financial business standards of Turkey and Pakistan
EFU Life Assurance Ltd. as  The Cicero (Training Executive)  
EFU Life Assurance is Pakistans largest private sector insurance company and as such its Bancassurance segment holds immense importance for its entire business. My role as a training executive was to ensure that new employees being hired had appropriate knowledge about Insurance and that bankers were aware of the financial specifications

> Trained and administered 12 banks staff with respect to the financial aspects of Insurance products. Considering the immensity of material to be covered, I took on the responsibility of creating and updating comprehensive training manuals, which was implemented across Pakistan
> Conducted trainings in various cities including but not limited to Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Gujrawala, Multan, and Kharian
> Conducted training on various subjects including Tax Credits, Investments, Soft Skills, and Insurance plan development
> Maintained company relationships with bank managers and acquired continuous feedback
> Received 95% positive rating during the first month of conducting training's across Pakistan
DealOn as The Shakespeare's Balthazar (Marketing Executive)
DealOn, similar to GroupOn is an e-commerce website that aims to place key merchants on its panel and creates customer deals that would help businesses in generating traffic and revenue

> Responsible for creating the marketing base within the city of Lahore
> Identified Key business managers across various industries including Healthcare, Beauty & Fitness, and Entertainment
> Conducted meetings with key business personnel to make sale agreements and develop business contacts
> Raised revenues of various businesses through creation of valuable promotions that enhanced customers base. Utilized AIDA process to streamline customer targeting
I speak good English, fluent Urdu, fluent Pushto and fluent Punjabi

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Some Things I’ve learned:

University of Florida - Master of Science (M.S.)
Information Systems and Operations Management
Member of Association for Information Systems (AIS)
Member of Reitz Union Boards of Entertainment (RUB) 
Lahore school of economics - BSc (Hons)
Economics and Finance
> Graduated with Honors in Economics and Finance, received academic scholarship holder from 2007 to 2009, > Held a charity concert in 2008, distributing funds to the major earthquake victims of 2005.> Final year BSC dissertation focused on the ''Evaluation of Equity Mutual Fund Industry in Pakistan''. Essentially, analysed its nature of risk taking and 12-b fees involved, also the level of code of ethics incorporated in the investment environment.
I also learned that the answer to life, the universe and everything is The Circle.

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