Professional Career

Sonoma State University
Director of Sales and Marketing, Entrepreneurial Activities
Entrepreneurial Activities includes: Conference and Event Services, Housing, Dining, University Store (Bookstore),
Campus Life, Campus Recreation, ID Card, General Services

- Lead voting for, and opening of, $65M building focused on student life and conference sales
- Lead marketing efforts for eight restaurants resulting in increased y/y sales each year
- Increased conference and event sales by over 30% during three year period from 2011-2014
- Increased usage of ID Card declining balance program from $35K to almost $1M

Success Statement: During my tenure, each area I have provided marketing and/or sales direction for has seen y/y increases in revenue and engagement with the target market.

Discussion: Over the past nine years, I have been responsible for the sales and marketing for the revenue generating division of the campus.  My focus has been as varied as one can imagine - from getting students to buy burgers to parents to deposit money on their students ID card to attracting businesses to our event center.  Because of the variety of markets, the strategies I employ include a wide swath of marketing techniques from cutting edge to traditional.  While social media is the best way to reach our students, digital retargeting has proven to be the best choice for B2B conference sales and direct mail shows the highest ROI for parent communications.  I thrive on discovering what works best in the ever evolving marketing mix and creating strategies and campaigns that engage the market in the most effective way.
Sonoma State University
Director of Marketing and Communications, Green Music Center
- Opened $125M performing arts center
- Created ticket sales strategy and coordinated all marketing efforts
- Managed $1M marketing and communications budget
- Acted as key liaison with major sponsor (MasterCard)
- Provided creative direction to graphic and advertising efforts

Success Statement: In 2011 I was asked to take a lead role in launching a world class performing arts center and set marketing/communications, ticketing, pricing, logistical, sponsorship and operational goals.  The results have been greater than expectations as the venue has gained local, national and international notoriety for both the venue and patron experience.  Along the way I also was able to act as an integral part in creating and activating a $15M sponsorship agreement with a Fortune 500 company.

Discussion: The launch of the Green Music Center was akin to the startup of most businesses.  Our motto was Whatever It Takes and, with a close knit and focused team, we were able to build everything from the ground up.  Though I did not have any experience in performing arts marketing,  I was able to manage a very lean staff of full timers and consultants to make national recognition on its opening.  The experience built my skills as a consumer and experiential marketing professional while allowing me to discover new marketing techniques in both traditional and modern fields.  I have been part of creating, from the ground up, a market for our product and experienced the process of taking a vision to tangible good first hand.
Sonoma State University
Director of General Services
General Services includes: Reprographics, Campus and Residential Mail Services, Shipping and Receiving, Archives
- Transitioned print services division from offset printing to digital printing
- Advanced operating budget from deficit to revenue in two year period by creating technological efficiencies
- Successfully managed ten direct reports in strict union environment

Success Statement:  During the first two years of service, I was able to take a department that was using antiquated technologies in everything from production, to logistics to billing and bring it to the 21st century.  Along the way I was able to bring the department into the black by capitalizing on efficiencies and modifying the product mix to better service the market.

Discussion:  The day I took over the General Services department, the prior supervisor walked out the door and said, "Good luck, you're going to need it."  I soon found out that the challenges were more than forty year old pieces of machinery being used out on the floor.  On any given day I was selling product, acting as graphic designer, operating various printing and bindery machines, delivering product, billing, driving a forklift and managing staff.  I quickly decided that in order to survive, we needed to update our technology so I transitioned the print shop from mechanical printing presses to a full digital environment.  The change to digital did not stop on the production floor as I moved the billing process from paper to digital and started a successful digital client interface and workflow.  These upgrades along with rebranding and new equipment investments allowed us to stop the red ink and begin bringing revenue to the campus.
General Manager
- Managed operations during growth from m/m gross sales of $300K to $2M in 18 months
- Managed inside sales staff to consistently surpass sales goals
- Responsible for purchasing contracts and in-house inventory of over 2K products
- Recognized as top sales associate for two years

Success Statement:  Over the three years I spent at, I advanced from being a temporary hire to an integral part of the success of the young business.  With my help, we were able to grow exponentially both in product volume and in sales revenue.  My work managing the sales team, purchasing and logistics were integral to our success.

Discussion: One of the most exciting experiences in my professional career was working at  When I started as a temporary employee, there were only five people in the company - when I left, there were more than 20.  The basics of sales, logistics, management and customer service were laid during my time as I was able to work with the president to create a sales, customer service and logistics team.  From being the key sales person to managing a team of six inside sales representatives, I honed both my sales and managerial skills and was able to increase the bottom line each month.


Jessica Way
Director of Student Center and Event Operations, Sonoma State University
It is not often you have the pleasure of working with someone with the talent and drive of Ryan. In the eight years we have worked together, I have seen him move our reprographics department from red to black, develop our card systems and increase its revenue every year, develop and execute marketing plans for everything from housing to dining to athletics. Most recently he has championed the efforts to develop the marketing plan and sales strategy for the Green Music Center, our new performing arts venue. In my position, I work closely with Ryan in his role with the Green Music Center and Conference and Event Services. He consistently exceeds expectations, comes through on deliverables and serves as a vital member of the teams he is part of.
Associate Athletics Director, Sonoma State University
I have worked with Ryan on a number of projects and would recommend him and his work without reservation. Ryan is someone that can be counted on to maintain a solution oriented attitude towards any project he is a part of. His creativity and understanding of business help drive solutions that not only build success for the immediate work group but also the organization as a whole. Through his leadership and marketing talents, the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics saw an increase in attendance at home basketball games. Ryan's marketing plan, including half-time and game promotions, reached its intended goal in a very short period of time. Overall, Ryan is a hard working, creative, intuitive manager with the drive to complete projects on-time, on budget, and with the best possible results.
Owner, Cydia, Inc.
Ryan is a great self starter. He started with us knowing very little about our industry but educated himself about our products and business to quickly become the most knowledgeable individual on staff. Because of this attitude, he started out in customer service and within a few years, became GM. Ryan is organized, proactive and diplomatic in his approach to business and his staff. Bottom line, Ryan is a 'do-er' and they are hard to come by. I highly recommend Ryan to anyone considering him for their organization.
Megan Christensen
University Box Office Manager, Sonoma State University
I have had the pleasure of working with Ryan for just over four years. He is a dedicated, creative and ambitious leader. He continuously delivers results, innovative solutions and strives to provide the best product and service possible. He has been a pleasure to work with and I know that he will always give of his best in any endeavor.



California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
B.S., Business Administration
Marketing Concentration


Opening of Student Center

Working on both the campaign for and opening of the new Student Center, the success of this project has brought a new and revenue generating facility for the students of Sonoma State University.

Opening of Green Music Center

The Green Music Center - a project more than ten years in the making finally opened its doors on 9/29/12.  I was proud to be a part not only of the Grand Opening but of the first three years of this world renowned facility. Green Music Center promotional video.

MasterCard Sponsorship

As part of the team that drafted one of the largest corporate sponsorships in the history of the California State University system, I continued to play a key role as the liaison between MasterCard and Sonoma State and was responsible for all sponsorship activation and negotiation.